Helping you restore your health from the inside out.


Helping you restore your health from the inside out.

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Take Charge of Your Body

Do you suspect that the foods you eat are causing you to experience uncomfortable or painful symptoms, but you’ve never been able to identify the culprits? Have you tried eliminating suspect foods from your diet but still struggle with feeling your best self?
Maybe you…

  • Feel bloated or burn with acid reflux after meals.
  • Can’t get rid of unattractive acne or painful skin conditions.
  • Suffer from embarrassing digestive issues that keep you searching for a restroom any time you leave home.
  • Battle frequent headaches or migraines that prevent you from work or socializing with friends.

All of these and so many more frustrating symptoms can be directly caused by food sensitivities.

Take Charge

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Hi! I’m Jennifer, a Dallas-area registered dietitian, food sensitivity specialist, and foodie at heart. I’m committed to helping you reclaim your health through a personalized anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

Jennifer Zucconi, registered dietitian

We’ll work together to look at the whole picture of you, discover and treat root causes of problems you’ve been experiencing, and use REAL food that works in harmony with your body to bring about healing and sustained vitality!

Meet Jennifer

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If you’re feeling frustrated or are already following a restrictive diet without relief, it’s time to find out exactly what foods or chemicals are making you sick and which work safely in harmony with your body.

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Food and chemical sensitivities are entirely different from food allergies but can be just as harmful and in some ways even more debilitating to your body. Unlike food allergies, which have a single mechanism (IgE) that quickly triggers inflammation, sensitivities are much more complex, long-lasting, and involve multiple inflammatory pathways.

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Do headaches or migraines keep you home from work or prevent you from socializing with friends?
Do embarrassing digestive issues keep you searching for a restroom any time you leave home?
Does recurrent joint pain, muscle ache, or overall fatigue drain you?
Do you feel that foods in your diet are causing these or other painful symptoms, but you’ve never clearly identified which ones?

If you’re ready to find healing through food, to start feeling healthier, more energetic, and more alive than ever, we need to talk.

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Get the Nutritional Testing and Guidance You Need

As a part of all packages, you will receive:

  • Secure, virtual, online conferencing
  • An overall functional and integrative individualized approach to your care
  • Email and messaging between appointments to address questions and concerns as they come up
  • Food, health, and symptom tracking
  • Individualized anti-inflammatory diet recommendations and instruction based on your unique needs
  • Meal planning tips, individualized menu ideas, product recommendations, and specific recipes focused on GI healing and restoration
  • Mind-body exercise recommendations to help reduce stress, enhance sleep, and reignite mental vitality
  • Guided short and long-term goal setting as you turn WHAT to do into HOW to do it!
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations if necessary and a discount on purchasing if desired
  • Specialized lab testing if recommended and desired (micronutrient, genetic variants, cardiac panels, etc)
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