Lifestyle Package

Identify causes, fine-tune habits, learn your nutritional needs, and restore a symptom-free you!


After working with Jennifer Zucconi you will:

  • Reach a new height of health, wellness, and vitality.
  • Be able to practically eliminate headaches, GI distress, debilitating fatigue, skin conditions and other symptoms that have been suppressing the real you.
  • Understand what foods work best for your body.
  • Feel empowered to continue your new lifestyle even when our formal time together comes to an end.
  • Truly feel in charge of your health and wellness!
  • Recover an overall healthier and more vibrant version of the YOU that you deserve!

Get started with a complimentary Discovery Call

During this complimentary 20-minute call, you will:

- Learn my nutritional approach to your unique health & wellness needs.
- Find out if we’ll be a good fit for each other.
- Ask ANY questions about my services or approach to your care.
- Share your health story & challenges.

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Your 3-Month Lifestyle Package Will Include:

90-minute Initial Appointment

Your detailed health story (submitted prior to this appointment) will help us hit the ground running during this initial time together. After a comprehensive look at your past and present states of health, we’ll talk through your current challenges and plan out beginning steps for you to take to feeling your full, vibrant self again.

You’ll receive guidance on any immediate diet changes that need to occur, learn about nutritional supplements that can support your healing, and consider lifestyle adjustments that can help you reach your goals. All recommendations will focus on calming inflammation. You’ll leave feeling prepared and equipped to begin your wellness journey!

Two 45-minute follow-up sessions each month:

We’ll evaluate your current state of health, address new challenges you’re experiencing, and continue walking forward with your individualized nutrition plan. Throughout our partnership, I’ll treat your health goals as if they were mine, and we’ll both stay confident, motivated, and focused on success!

I’ll listen intently to your feedback on how my recommendations are working to support your health and lifestyle, and we’ll make changes as needed to offer the best possible outcomes and quality of life for you.

We’ll add specific mind-body exercises and lifestyle enhancements to complement your healing journey as necessary; review lab work if previously ordered and adjust any other parts of your nutrition therapy as needed.

Your Lifestyle Package also comes with...

- Virtual counseling sessions — your only commute is to your screen!
- Email and messaging between appointments
- Meal planning tips, menu ideas, product recommendations, and more all of which focus on GI healing & restoration
- Food, health, and symptom tracking
- Discount on nutritional supplements
- Encouragement and accountability throughout your journey...every step of the way!

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